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Buying Your Dream Home

In Alaska

Getting your dream house is one of the satisfying events in everyone's life.

When it comes to buying a house, you should also aware that your are taking a huge burden on your shoulder in the form of debt. So it is imperative to look for a mortgage to suit your style of living and to save money.

When you decide to buy a house, you should have a careful consideration of the potential house based on your requirement. Since house is a long-term event you should give due consideration and think ahead in selecting a house. Similarly the mortgage also. It too stands before you for long term and identifying a mortgage carefully will save you time and money.

Let's put the key factors required to get your dream house:

1. Finalize what you want:

First and foremost thing is to decide on what you want? When it comes to house, what do you want is more important than what do you get? Decide on your requirements like location, size, structure, school etc. When you finalize your need, it is easier to locate a dream house.

2. Use the power of Internet:

Nowadays you can leverage the power of internet. My website can offer thousands of listings and you can search for the house based on your requirements. You can search and save any Fairbanks listing or from the surrounding area or be notified by email when a home fitting your criteria becomes available.

3. Selecting a mortgage lender:

Once you finalize on the property, its now the time to search for mortgage lender. The best thing is to shop around. Since you are going to commit for huge amount of money, it is always better to do extensive comparisons. Ask quotations from banks, financial institutions, societies and online lenders. Compare the interest rates, fees (onetime and recurring fees) etc.

A few differences in interest rate or monthly fees will save a lot, since you are going to have mortgage for a long time (e.g. 10-30 years). Do your math before deciding, if you are unsure ask your friends or relatives. Check how much you really can afford online before you even talk to a lender.

4. Know your down payments:

One of the important things when you go for a mortgage loan is the payment you make from your pocket. You have to pay registration cost, insurance, house inspection in addition to down payment. So the outflow from your pocket increases. Discuss all the relating cost before finalizing the mortgage with the lender.

5. Documentation:

Provide the basic documents to mortgage lender to decide on your application. If you can demonstrate the saving pattern with your bank statement, it will potentially reduce the mortgage insurance premium.

The final and important part is the documentation is settlement. It is always better to have solicitor for settlement of the property. Even though it cost, it will over weigh the advantage than disadvantages.

And remember for any and all real estate in Alaska, call Wes Madden today!

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