Your Fairbanks Alaska Home Checklist for September

September is here! Temperatures have started to cool down here in Alaska and it's time to begin thinking about all that fall and the coming months will have in store. And while changing colors and pumpkins are just two aspects to look forward to, wet weather and falling leaves are also major players, so you will want to make sure your Fairbanks AK home is prepared!

Set aside a weekend or two to complete the following five tasks around your Alaskan home this month:

Clean the gutters
When the leaves start to fall and the rainy days become more frequent, it's always helpful to have your gutters in clean, working order. If there aren't there yet, grab your ladder and head up to the roof to give them a thorough cleaning. Gutters should be free of all debris and clogs before the season gets underway.

Clean up siding
Over the summer, it is common for the siding of your Alaskan home to play host to dirt, grime, and even mildew. Consider renting or purchasing a power washer to remove all discoloration and check for damage. Take note of any cracks you will need to have repaired as you will want to have issues remedied before the cold weather sets in.

Check door and window seals
Before you turn up your thermostat, you will want to know that there are no places where warm air can escape or worse, where cold air can enter. Check around door and window frames for any cracks or spots where you could be losing energy. If you spot one, you can apply caulk or weatherstripping to seal them quickly and easily. 

Inspect your HVAC
One more task to cross off your list before you turn on the heat is having your HVAC system inspected. It is always wise to make this appointment before the cold arrives as HVAC specialists tend to book up far in advance. In addition, take the time to change your furnace filter to start fresh this season.

Clean the chimney
Who doesn't love a cozy fire during the fall season? In fact, a stress-free fire is even more enjoyable! Have your chimney professionally cleaned to ensure you are at a lower risk for fire and all of the soot build-up has been removed. This is a job best left to the pros!

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