What to Do When You Move into a New Home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, North Pole Alaska

Tis the season to move into a new home in Alaska! The spring season is almost here and aside from spring cleaning, which we discussed in our last blog post, another popular activity this time of year is purchasing a new home

As you may have heard, spring has earned a reputation as the busy "homebuying season" and pending your home purchase, can also be called the busy "homeowner season." Buying a new home in Alaska means you have work to do— from changing the locks to cleaning the carpets and getting to know your home, new homeowners have many tasks to truly feel settled in.

Just like our Spring Cleaning Checklist, consider this your New Homeowner Checklist of what to do after you move into your new home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla or North Pole:

Change the locks
Consider all of the people you have given a key to your home— maybe a neighbor, someone who has helped house sit or watch a pet. The same can be said about your new home in Alaska! You never know who may have a key, so first up on your New Homeowner List is changing the locks. This is an inexpensive project that can cost as much as $10 for for installing new deadbolts. If you enlist the help of a locksmith and provide the locks yourself, the project can total $20-$30 per lock for labor.

Double check for leaks
After you purchased your home, your inspector should have checked the plumbing for leaks— but it never hurts to revisit it yourself! You may not find any additional problems, but perhaps you notice your toilet is constantly running or your sink sprayer doesn't work properly. As a new homeowner, these now fall under your control, so it's important to keep an eye out for them. 

Clean the carpets
You probably noticed the state of the flooring in the home prior to purchasing and if they were on the dirty side, now is the time to tackle the project! Steam clean the carpeting before you move in your furniture to avoid hauling pieces in and out of the home. You can rent a machine yourself for around $30 per day or hire a professional to the tune of about $50 per room. 

Get to know your home
Regardless if this is your first home or your fifth, it's important to get to know the property. Get to know its quirks, find the electrical fuses or circuit breaker box and learn where your main water valve is. If they are not already, label the fuses that control each room in your home.

Next, find the main water valve in case you need to shut off the supply during a plumbing emergency, storm or if you're going out of town. You can test the valve by turning it off and then turning on any faucet in the house— making sure no water comes out.

Wipe out your cabinets
Before you begin moving in all of your belongings, make sure to wipe down all of your closets and cabinets, inside and out. You'll especially want to do this in the kitchen before you store your dishes. If you have a pantry where you'll be storing food, always clean from top to bottom. 

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After you've settled into your new home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River or Palmer, it's time to move on to making the property more efficient. A few simple replacements—like light bulbs and appliances—and changes—like using ceiling fans instead of air conditioning—can help you save on your utility bills throughout the year.

Take a look at the infographic below for a breakdown of the efficient upgrades you can plan in each room and area of your home. Don't forget the exterior!

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