What to Ask the Seller Before You Move into a New Alaskan Home

Excitement runs high when you purchase a new home in Alaska— you start to envision where all of your belongings will go, where your family members will stay, the purposes for each room, you name it. But remember, there is only one person that knows the property better than you at the moment and that is the seller.

In order to avoid any surprises down the road, and to get to know certain quirks that the home may have (that won't be listed on the inspection report!), Alaskan homebuyers can ask the seller the following questions:

What quirks does the home have?
Does the window in the bedroom stick when it gets warmer? Does the refridgerator make noises from time to time? You'll want to gather all of the facts about your new Alaskan home, even if they are on the quirky side. This is often asked at the final walk-through and can include questions like, "Where is the light switch for the basement?" or "How do I turn on the garbage disposal?"

Have you had any home problems that you've fixed?
Sellers are required to disclose current problems with the property to save buyers from headaches later on, however, what about the past issues they have repaired? Disclosing these issues does vary by state, but it doesn't hurt to ask! For instance, did the roof leak, but the seller patched or replaced it last year? These are great things for a buyer to know!

What is the neighborhood like?
Only someone who has previously lived in the home can provide the best description of the neighborhood. Are the neighbors friendly? Are there a lot of kids in the area? What is the street like at night? Is there any noise I should know about? All of these questions are ideal to ask sellers to get an idea of the area you're buying into.

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