What Homebuyers Want in Alaska Real Estate

If you're planning to list your home in Fairbanks or Anchorage or have recently done so, you're probably familiar with what features of the home you are marketing to potential homebuyers. For instance, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage, price, and much more. But there are likely a few aspects of your home you are not highlighting— and some that Alaskan homebuyers are looking for! Below are a few of those features that homebuyers want to see, but sellers are overlooking. When you play up these features, that could mean more buyer traffic and a home sale for you!

Right now, storage is a big factor for buyers on the search for Fairbanks and Anchorage real estate. It may be one of the reasons you've decided to sell the home yourself and find a new home in Alaska with more storage space. But don't write off your current property's potential just yet. Make sure you're presenting the home in its best light and highlighting its potential for storage. One common beef of renters is that rental homes lack storage, which leads to belonging overflow and a cluttered life,” MSN Real Estate says. “So, if your home has been tricked out with extra closets, pantries or other built-in storage amenities that you plan to leave,” the homebuyer should know.

In Alaskan real estate, many homebuyers know in which areas they'd like to buy a home. However, if your home has access to local hotspot, entertainment, shopping, or excellent views, those are all worth mentioning to potential buyers. Place yourself as the homebuyer and act as though you do not know the area. What would you be looking for? What would a buyer want to know about your community? Tell them! Homebuyers often search for properties by price, not location, and by detailing how close they are to certain attractions could really sell the home.

Green Features
While it is spring, green features of homes for sale in Alaska are popular year-round. As many of these eco-friendly options like energy-saving appliances, windows, and the like can save money in the long run, homebuyers take an interest. Does your home have these? Are you planning to install them? While you may not immediately think so, little things like kitchen gardens, compost bins, or recycling centers are all important to buyers and may place your home one step ahead of others in Alaskan real estate.

Want help highlighting your home's best features and marketing your home in Alaska to the right buyers? Madden Real Estate is your team of experts who know how to do just that. We look forward to discussing a strategy for selling your home this year! 

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