Top Tips for Selling Your Alaskan Home in the Fall

As you may have heard by now, the real estate market's supply of homes for sale is trending lower than it has been in past years. But does that mean you should shy away from listing your home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, North Pole, or the surrounding areas this fall? Absolutely not!

The real estate market could use your home and if you've been thinking about selling, below are the top tips for a successful sale during this time of year:

Clean up the yard
This time of year, the leaves have started to change and fall and may be cluttering up your yard. Take the time to rake all of the debris currently in your yard to make a nice impression on potential buyers who may drive by or arrive for a showing.

Ramp up curb appeal
Curb appeal helps to create cozy, welcoming feelings for Alaska buyers, so start with your front door! Add seasonal mums on either side and consider adding a subtle fall wreath to welcome buyers inside.

Warm up the house
When the weather begins to turn cold, you'll want to make sure that your Alaskan home is warm for buyers. Turn up the heat to allow for a comfortable temperature inside and consider painting your living room walls a neutral, warm color to appeal to buyers.

Clean the fireplace
If your home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, North Pole, or the surrounding areas has a fireplace, this time of year is the perfect window to show it off! Gas fireplaces can be lit when buyers arrive, but if your wood-burning fireplace hasn't been cleaned, now is your opportunity to call the professionals and have it ready for the colder months ahead.

Turn on the lights
Buyers today are looking for natural light in properties, but if your home lacks a wealth of windows, you can still create that illusion by turning on all of the lights. Especially as it begins to get darker earlier, make sure all of the lights are on for buyers so the home feels warmer, more open, and of course, friendlier.

Do not hesitate to contact Madden Real Estate with any questions about selling your home this fall or which steps you should take to list your home. We're here to help!

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