Preparing Your Home For The Holidays

Prepare Your Fairbanks Home for Thanksgiving

Can you believe we’ll all be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in just three weeks? If you recently decided to buy a home in Fairbanks and will be hosting guests for the very first time, you might feel a lot of pressure to pull off a flawless meal. While there’s a lot of preparation that goes into playing host/hostess for your first holiday, it’s nothing that can’t be managed with some proper planning and organization. To save you time, stress, and the headache that often accompanies out-of-town guests, we’ve created a handy timeline to ensure you’re on track to a picture-perfect Turkey Day.

Three weeks before Thanksgiving
Get a general idea of the dishes you plan to make as well as the dishes your guests plan to bring. As you start planning your menu, you can figure out which recipes use the same oven temperature so they can cook simultaneously. Coordinating your...