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5 Updates Your Fairbanks AK Home Needs Every 10 Years

We recently shared how to get your home ready for fall with our Fairbanks Alaska Home Checklist for September, but there are dozens of other tasks to complete to make sure your Alaska home is at its absolute best. For instance, did you know ceiling fans have a typical lifespan of ten years? If you haven't replaced yours in the last decade or have just moved in to an older Alaska home, it may be time to swap it out for a newer model.

Below are a few more updates your Fairbanks AK home will need every 10 years:

Take stock of the carpet in your Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla or North...

How to Prepare For & Stay Warm During a Winter Storm

It’s safe to say winter has made a dramatic appearance here in Fairbanks! Slick driving conditions, power outages, and downright chilling temperatures have forced many businesses to close up shop until the storm has passed. If you recently decided to buy a home in Fairbanks, you’ve officially caught a glimpse of how unpredictable our weather can be. Although most homes in Alaska have been built to withstand subarctic temperatures, it’s a smart idea to be prepared in case your power goes out during a winter storm. To help you face the unexpected, here are our tips for being prepared and staying warm during a winter power outage.

Move all members of your household into one room
When your power goes out, the first step is to gather your emergency disaster kit and all members of your household into one room. This way, instead of trying to heat the entire house, you’re just...