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5 Ways to Protect Your Home While You're on Vacation

Now that summer has officially arrived, you likely have a few vacation plans in the works. Whether you're headed to a tropical beach destination or venturing out on a staycation right here in Alaska, you will need to protect your home while you're away. And that doesn't just mean locking your front door! 

Below are five ways you can secure your home while you're on vacation this summer:

Hold Your Mail
A pile of mail or packages both in the mailbox and outside your door is a big sign that no one is home. Have your mail held at the post office—you can do this easily in person or by filling out a form online—and pick it up when you return from vacation. This way, it is less obvious that you're away.

Set a Light Timer
Another major tell that no one is home is a dark house. If you head...

Accepting an Offer in Alaskan Real Estate

As housing prices and mortgage rates continue to rise across the country, many home sellers are now aware that the time is right to list their Alaskan homes. But before you place that For Sale sign out front, take a few moments to go over the basics of selling a home in Alaska. The Madden Real Estate team can help answer any questions you may have and the following will go that extra step. When the offers begin to come in for your homes in Fairbanks or Anchorage, you'll know the in's and out's of each option, from cash to closing. A few options you may encounter on your home selling journey within the Alaskan real estate market include: 

A Cash Offer
As they often come with a quicker home sale and closing, cash offers typically catch the attention of Alaskan home sellers. From a financial standpoint, a failure...