Spring Cleaning Tips for Alaskan Home Sellers

According to Homes.com, the real estate market is really about to take off. Are you planning to sell your Alaskan home this spring? You may boost your chances of attracting the right homebuyers if your home is clean, organized and ready for the market. For instance, do you know which areas homebuyers will notice if they're not in tip-top shape? Below are a few ideas for spring cleaning that can help get your homes in Fairbanks ready for a successful Fairbanks real estate sale.

Start Outside
When it comes to the Alaskan real estate market, the exterior of a property is the first feature homebuyers will notice. That may mean a homebuyer has started their search for homes in Fairbanks online, with their first impression coming from photos of your home, or it may mean they have come to tour the property. Begin your spring cleaning with trimming trees and cleaning up your lawn to give the best impression right from the start.

Deep Clean Inside
Near the top of your spring cleaning to-do list should be cleaning every room's floor in your home. Whether you hire a professional to get the job done or tackle it as a weekend project, start the season off in a great way by mopping floors, vacuuming and shampooing carpets. Another major task to cross of your list is window cleaning. If your windows are showing signs of a harsh winter, dirt or dust, your natural light is also diminished. Give the windows a good washing to bring back maximum lighting.

Clean Closets
Take the time to clean out your closets this spring and present your home's best possible image to Fairbanks homebuyers. Opening up spaces by rearranging furniture, cleaning out the old and bringing in new, updated items will instantly give your home a fresh feel for the new season. It's also a great idea to take the clearing of old furniture and items to the kitchen and garage.

"Arranging the garage is a good opportunity for sellers to remove old yard tools, throw away or donate boxes of old clothing and toys, and power wash the floors and walls," said MSN Real Estate. "That way, the garage will look clean, open and inviting for a potential buyer."

Find Everything a Home
If you're planning to sell your Fairbanks home this spring, now is the time to organize every space of your Alaskan homes and find a place for every item. That means all removing all unnecessary items from homebuyer sight, clearing all countertops of personal items, and gathering all papers and mail into one dedicated area. When a Fairbanks homebuyer enters the property, it will be much easier for them to visualize living there if your personal items are put away. Make it part of your spring cleaning process and get a head start!

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