Special Function Rooms in Demand for Alaskan Homebuyers

Home sellers in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and North Pole this year will begin to think about the special aspects of their home that will set it apart from others in the Alaskan real estate market. Is it the number of bedrooms, the square footage or the prime location that will bring the homebuyers to the front door? Not this fall! The "Special Function" room is back in demand for Alaskan homebuyers— meaning if you have an outdoor living space, home office, mudroom or media room, your home could bring more traffic than others.

For some time, special function rooms had disappeared from Alaskan properties, especially newly-built homes when the market was headed downwards. But now that both homebuyers and home sellers are feeling confident, it seems the special function room is making a comeback! 

"Households are responding to the ongoing recovery in the housing market by adding more space and features to their homes," said the American Institute of Architect's chief economist. "Home automation features, as well as products that promote sustainability, are also showing up in both new and remodeled homes."

If you're an Alaskan home seller or homeowner thinking of moving in the near future, the following special function rooms are what homebuyers are looking for:

  • Home offices— Reemerging in importance given the number of those working from home and self-employed individuals.
  • MudroomsAlaskan homeowners find these increasingly important for organizing, as well as additional storage.
  • Media rooms— There is a specific number of households who value this type of room, although the desire for this special function room has been declining.
  • In-law suites— As household compositions change, so do the demands for special function rooms, seen here in the rise in demand for an in-law or au pair suite.
  • Outdoor living rooms— All across the country, the demand for outdoor space has been on the rise. Outdoor living areas and rooms are popular once again.

In addition to special function rooms, special features are also coveted by Alaskan homebuyers. Automation features like smart-home systems, automated lighting controls and wireless communications are on the top of the list. 

At Madden Real Estate, we can help you find the selling point for your particular property that will attract homebuyers this year. Whether you live in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer or North Pole, there is something about your home that buyers will love!

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