Should You Sell Your Alaska Home During the Holiday Season?

This time of year, schedules tend to pick with festive holiday events, traveling to visit friends and family far and near, gift shopping and as we are in Alaska, winter sports! But even with all of these on your calendar, that doesn't mean that selling your home should be placed on the back burner! The holiday season can be one of the best times to sell your home in the Fairbanks area and waiting to list until spring can cause you to miss out on the advantages in the real estate market right now.

Relocating for the new year
Did you know the holiday season is a popular time for families to relocate? With a job change among the many reasons to move during the winter, many buyers in the market right now are looking for a home to settle into for the new year. Keep in mind that listing during the holiday season will allow you to appeal to these buyers that are motivated to purchase a home as quickly as possible.

Less competition
Many Alaskan homeowners have the idea that spring and summer are best for selling. While this is not always the case, it is exactly this idea that can play to your favor this holiday season. Listing your home now will allow your Fairbanks area property to stand out as there are simply fewer homes for sale. Motivated buyers may be more likely to place your home at the top of their list this season, whereas in the spring and summer, the volume of other homes popping up for sale could lessen your chances.

Holiday staging
Staging your home during the holiday season can actually help the property to sell! With a fresh dusting of snow and festive decorations, homes tend to show better and evoke cozy feelings. In fact, many home stagers argue that the holiday season is the best time for a buyer to feel both "welcome" and "at home" in a property.

Buyer demand
As we mentioned above, more homes will hit the real estate market in the spring and summer months, more homes will be built and as a result, the demand for your home will lessen. Waiting until the "busy season" to list your Alaskan home will cause you to miss out on the buyer demand in today's market!

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