Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping for Houses in Alaska

Spring is officially here in Alaska and the real estate market is only beginning to heat up for the busy season ahead! And while it can be easy to get ahead of yourself when you first begin to search for Alaska homes for sale, it is important to first outline your priorities to streamline the process— and avoid falling in love with a property that's out of your budget!

Below are three important questions to ask yourself as you begin house-hunting in Eagle River, Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Fairbanks, and North Pole:

How long do I plan to be in this home?
Before you can start searching for properties, ask yourself if this is a forever home. How long do you plan to stay? If the answer is only for a few years, perhaps you don't need to check off every feature on your list. You may not need four bedrooms right away, but perhaps two will do for now. Sort out your timeline first and then dive into available homes.

Does this home have enough storage?
One of the main reasons for buyers entering the real estate market this spring is a lack of storage. Whether they are renters buying their first home or current homeowners who need a larger home, storage is a major deciding factor. Keep this question at the top of your mind as you look at homes in Alaska— look for storage options like garages, basements, and closet space. You don't want to have to upsize sooner than necessary!

How much can I afford?
To avoid falling in love with a home you can't afford, it's best to know exactly how much you can spend from the beginning. Don't set out to buy a home at the top of your price range, instead try to find a home in the middle or one that has some flexibility on price. Nothing can cause more stress or lead to buyer's remorse faster than a home that's out of your budget

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