Moving to Alaska Tips for Military Families

Receiving Permanent Change of Station orders can be stressful, and receiving PCS orders to Alaska can seem overwhelming! But don't worry, we are here to help you find your new home in Alaska. Our experience in Alaska military relocations can help make the transition a smooth one!

Our website has a list of resource links such as The U.S. Army "Alaska for Newcomers" site which will help you with pre-arrival, arrival, and post-arrival steps. There are also links to Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base websites and other resources.  Be sure to ask for our Relocation Packet for personal assistance! We are members of several military relocation referral networks, which helps streamline the entire process.

Here are 10 quick tips for your move:

1. Establish relocation contacts right away. The sooner you have experienced professionals working with your timeline, the better!

2. Make a list of everyone you need to notify of your move, along with their contact info.

3. Don't leave paperwork for last. Locate your essential documentation and family records, and keep in a secure place. 

4. If you are having the military transport your belongings, you will be given a weight allowance. The movers are paid based on that weight. If your belongings exceed that weight, you must pay the difference out-of-pocket. Keep this limit in mind as you decide what to bring along.

5. Establish a separate area in your home where you can place things that you will personally transport. This would include important documents, financial info, medications and valuables. Make a checklist of these items. 

6. Create an inventory of your electronics and their serial numbers. Take photos. If you are moving these items yourself, transport them inside of your car trunk, or use a cargo tote, so that they are not visible through the car windows.

7. Begin packing as soon as possible. 

8. Kennel pets while packing, and use carriers while moving, to keep them safe from harm. Be sure your pets have tags/microchips and proof of vaccinations. 

9. Keep an inventory of items in each moving box. Label each moving box with the room the contents belong to; kitchen, bedroom and so on.

10. Plastic zip-lock bags are a fast way to pack silverware, pet dishes, small toys and other random objects that do not need protective packing. 

Don't be too zealous in packing lean. While it's tempting to let go of some kids' toys or fur-matted pet bedding, it's important for everyone to have familiar items in the new home. So go ahead - pack that old t-shirt, and the dog's chewed-up tennis ball, and a few more kids' toys than you planned. It'll be worth it. 

We will be happy to help you with your military relocation to Alaska! Contact Madden Real Estate for expert guidance!  

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