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FSBO - Your Advantages and Disadvantages - Why Shouldn't I Try to Sell My Home by Myself?

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Many homeowners think about selling their home on their own by very few actually attempt it, and you have probably asked yourself, "Why is that?"

The reason why is that it is an extremely time-consuming and often exhausting process, especially if you are also working a full-time job. It's my job to take that burden off your back. I am not discouraging you for attempting to sell it yourself, in fact, in some instances I’ll even recommend it to sellers, but before you do it, I want to encourage you to be sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each side.

The main advantage is that you do not have to pay a commission to a realtor and you will have complete control of the transaction.

The disadvantages are that...

Energy Conservation In Your Home This Winter – Protecting the Environment AND Your Wallet

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One of the most significant money mongers is the heating bill in a home – especially during the coldest winter months. And one of the best ways to address the heating efficiency in your home is to take a few measures that will ensure efficient running, ending up in less waste and more money in your pocket. We’ve put together some tips to help get you started this year on the winterizing energy kick you and your house can benefit from:

Seal Gaps In Doors, Windows and Access Points

Save on Heating BillsMany people underestimate the power of proper seals in windows and doors and how...