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Why Having a Home Inspection On Your Property Prior to Selling Is a Good Idea

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It goes without saying that before someone decides to finalize a sale on a house an inspection is an important part of the equation. But did you know that if you were to have an inspection performed on your own property prior to listing it, you would reap several time and money-saving benefits? That’s right – for homeowners who have decided to invest a few hundred dollars in advance of selling, there are several avenues through which they end up saving. In this article, we shed light on the reasons why a few hundred dollars now can go a very long way later, most likely leading to a successful sale.

Advance Notice of Safety, Structural and Sanitary Issues

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Why Would A Seller Get a Warranty Policy On a Home? Protection, Peace of Mind and Preservation

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Most of us have heard about a homeowners’ insurance policy and we know that the coverage on those usually encompasses things like fire, theft and vandalism plus storm, wind and lightning damage. It doesn’t necessarily end there either but the general consensus is that a homeowner’s insurance policy covers unavoidable and circumstantial situations. But did you know that a home warranty takes care of a different scope of coverage in a variety of circumstances? In this article, we go through the differences so you can decide which one is better for you of if you would be best served to get a policy of each on your home.

Advantages of a Home Warranty

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