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5 Must-Dos Before Applying for a Mortgage

Have you finally decided to buy a home in Fairbanks? Congratulations! Homeownership is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have during your lifetime. As you probably know, along with the pride in owning a home comes a long-term commitment and a laundry list of financial responsibilities. Before you can own a piece of the Alaskan real estate market, you’ll need to prepare for and get approved for a mortgage. To ensure your mortgage application process goes as smoothly as possible, review my list of to-dos to improve your chances of getting approved for a home loan on your future Alaskan abode. 

1. Check your credit reports
Lenders determine your credit score by taking the median of all three credit reports. An error on just one of them can have a negative impact on your mortgage rate, so it’s important to clear those up before applying.


Explore Your Fairbanks and North Pole Farmers' Markets

The climate in Fairbanks, Alaska is usually classified as subarctic. Meaning, long cold winters and short warm summers. Because a majority of the year is spent wearing a winter jacket, many folks who decide to buy a home in Fairbanks are surprised at the opportunities for warm weather activities and events. From swimming to fishing to exploring the picturesque landscape, there are plenty of ways to get outdoors while the weather is favorable and see what Fairbanks has to offer.

One way to get a taste for the local culture this summer is to stop by a Fairbanks farmers’ market. Here are a few to visit in Fairbanks and the surrounding area.

Christmas Creek Market
125 St. Nicholas Drive
North Pole, AK 99705
This open-air market is open...

Your Fairbanks Home Buying Checklist

This probably goes without saying, but buying a home in Fairbanks is one of the most important investments you'll make in your lifetime. Once you have finally decided to take the plunge, there's a lot to consider before you sprint to the Internet and start browsing for your dream home. How much can you afford? What neighborhood will be the right fit? Luckily, as your Fairbanks real estate agent, I can help you answer these questions and remain glued to your side throughout the entire home buying process. Ready to get started? Here's an abbreviated home buying checklist to get you started on the right foot.

1. Find out how much you can afford
Don't start your Fairbanks home search without a budget in mind! Trust me, you'll be disappointed when you find out that amazing home you've been coveting is way out of your price...

Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Fairbanks Home

When preparing to sell your home in the Fairbanks real estate market, it's incredibly important to maintain the exterior of your property. As a Fairbanks real estate agent, I can tell you that curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers will notice. Whether they're driving around your neighborhood or have come across your home in an online search, first impressions are important to enticing potential home buyers to want to learn more. To give you a competitive edge against your neighbors, here are a few ways you can enhance the curb appeal of your Fairbanks home.

Give your driveway a facelift
If you have an asphalt driveway, you can reseal it for a couple hundred bucks. Though this is more for long term maintenance than for instant curb appeal, it will prevent moisture from seeping under the asphalt and causing it to buckle in the future....