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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the IABA Home Show this weekend!

For the real estate industry in Fairbanks, the offical kickoff of Spring is the annual Interior Alaska Home Builder's Association Home Show.  This is a great event with vendors of all kinds there with information on just about anything "home" related.  We hope you'll stop by and see us at our booth this weekend.  And while you're there, here are a few more ways to join in on the fun!


10.  You can stock up on all your beef jerky needs at the Jerky Hut.

9.  The informative presentations by experts in the industry.


Holy Economic Updates, Batman!

Today I had the opportunity to attend the annual Yukon Title Company Economic Update.  For the past several years, they have brought up Ted C. Jones, PhD to give an economic forecast to the local real estate industry.  Ted is the Chief Economist for Stewart Title Guaranty Company, and always gives a fun and informative presentation.  This year was no exception.  Here are a few of the points that stuck with me:

The national economic update is looking a little bleak.  I knew the national debt was huge, but Ted really put into perspective for me.  What especially struck home was the point that the sequestration that's designed to cut government spending is only 2.2% of our total spending.  That's barely a drop in the bucket!  Likewise, one of the big questions in real estate right now is what will happen with capital gains taxes.  Ted's not sure, but the President's recommended 35% is HUGE!  And, will certainly have a big impact in the real estate industry.

Locally, however,...