March Madness: A Great Time to Sell Your Home in Fairbanks, Anchorage Alaska

Early in the year has been hailed as one of the best times to list your home in Fairbanks or Anchorage— but what exactly does that mean? According to supply, demand and outcomes for home sellers, the time is now! Mid-March to mid-April is a window of opportunity for home sellers who are motivated to move.

Patterns of home sale productivity tend to follow the weather; the exact time to list your home can ultimately be pin-pointed based on temperature. Now given that we've had a warmer past few weeks, listing your home now through mid-April would be a wise choice, but as always, Madden Real Estate can help you find the best timing for your specific situation. 

Listing during this window of opportunity—mid-March to mid-April—is typically when home sellers are able to sell their Fairbanks, Anchorage, North Pole, Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River homes faster and for more money. It's all based on data, which pegs homes sold during this magic time selling for around 2 percent more than average and 15 percent faster.

Why exactly? It has a lot to do with listings and their online placement— which is where the majority of homebuyers search first:

Make way for new listings
Listings on home search websites are usually refreshed multiple times per day, with the older listings pushed toward the bottom of the bunch as new ones appear. As an Alaskan home seller, the competition is other properties coming on the Alaskan real estate market and a surge occurs in late February and early March. Avoiding these times means you can likely bypass this surge.

The window of opportunity also has much to do with time spent on the market and serious homebuyers:

Less time on the market
Home sellers are concerned with how fast their home sells and the price at which their home will sell. In late March, there is a significant drop in the amount of time a listing spends on the market. It is also the time when sale prices are at their highest. Listing during this time can maximize potential for Alaskan home sellers.

Madden Real Estate knows selling your home is a big decision that requires much thought and consideration along the way, especially choosing a time to list. We're here to help you find the best time that works for you and the time that allows for your home to sell at top dollar.

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