How to Research a Neighborhood When Buying an Alaskan Home

When you're shopping for a new Alaskan home, you'll want to research everything from the square footage to the property taxes to, perhaps the most important, the neighborhood. But when you're in such strange times as these where you might be sheltering in place, it's key to note you don't actually have to visit the area to do your due diligence.

There are several ways to research a neighborhood in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, or North Pole right from your own home!

Browse local social media
Use the power of social media to research a potential neighborhood when shopping for homes in Alaska. You can use apps like NextDoor, Facebook, or even dig into geo-specific hashtags or locations on Instagram, for instance, to look for activity and posts in a certain area. 

Use Google Maps
If you've ever looked up directions via Google, you'll notice Google Maps has a great feature in which you can actually zoom all the way in and virtually walk the street. Google Street View allows you to navigate around neighborhoods without even leaving your couch!

Search websites with neighborhood data
Dive into websites like Yelp, AreaVibes, and City-Data to find out more in a neighborhood, including livability scores, average home prices, and reviews on locations from local residents.

Call your real estate agent
As you know, your real estate agent is a wealth of information when it comes to buying a home— and that includes the neighborhoods in your desired area of Alaska. Ask your agent all of your burning questions! After all, they will be able to take your wants and needs and point you to the best spot for your next home!

Check crime rates
Crime rates can provide data on the safety of a specific area. Use a website like CrimeReports to look up the area's stats from local law enforcement agencies.

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