How to Tell When Your Fairbanks AK Kitchen Needs Updating

Whether you're planning a home improvement project for the new year or are simply preparing to impress buyers when your home hits the Alaska real estate market, the kitchen is a great place to focus. After all, kitchens and bathrooms tend to make the biggest impact on homebuyers— in addition to your home value

But how can you tell if yours is in need of an update? As your local real estate experts, Madden Real Estate has included a few ways to help you decide:

Your appliances are outdated
This may be a smaller project, but swapping out old appliances can quickly make any kitchen feel like a brand-new space. If the appliances were there when you bought the home or you know you could be saving much more on energy costs with a fresh model, it may be time to say goodbye to that old oven.

It's showing signs of wear
From the cabinets to the sink to the refrigerator, there are dozens of places in your Alaska kitchen that can start to show signs of wear. Take a thorough look around to spot peeling on countertops or flooring that may have started to mildew. Simply updating these areas can give the space a cleaner, newer feeling and be a great investment should you decide to sell in the future.

You have limited space
One of the most common reasons buyers are moving today is due to a lack of space. If your kitchen is limited on counter space or even food and small appliance storage, it could be time to re-think the layout. Consider adding an island if your floorplan allows or opt for large cabinets and deeper drawers in place of your current ones.

The color scheme is old
If your home hasn't been updated in the last decade or two and it's presently sporting an outdated color scheme, it's time to break out the paint (or new countertops and tile!) and get to work. Buyers today are looking for a neutral palette, so do keep that in mind as you choose the new look.

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