How to Stage Your Basement When Selling Your Alaskan Home

Fall is an excellent time of year to consider selling your home in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Eagle River, Palmer, North Pole, Wasilla and the surrounding areas! And a major part of your home sale success? Staging!

Staging allows your home's best features to shine through, sparking buyer interest, and bringing you the offers you've been dreaming about. It's essential to stage rooms in your Alaskan home like the kitchen, living spaces and bedrooms, but what about the basement? If your Alaskan property boasts a large basement, you will certainly want to show it off with the following tips!

Organize the space
You can use your basement for storage, but if you're planning to list your home, make sure the space is organized. In other words, don't use the basement as a catch-all for seasonal items, files and other boxes if buyers will soon be touring the property! A hodge-podge of junk in your basement can turn off buyers and distract from the space itself.

Make small updates
If you have a finished basement, it likely sees alot of traffic. With everyday use comes wear and tear, therefore your basement might be in need of a little updating. Consider painting the walls and replacing the carpet before listing your Alaskan home for the best results with buyers

Get rid of basement odors
You are not alone if your basement has a musty odor about it— this is quite common among homeowners! However, you will need to get rid of any smell before buyers arrive. Use air fresheners and humidifiers to cleanse the space and keep a fan running to circulate air.

Brighten it up
Basements tend to be dark spaces— they are underground, after all—but there's something you can do about that! Bring in lamps, paint the walls a light color and if you are able, install overhead lighting to give the illusion of a larger, airier space even in the lower levels of your Alaskan home.

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