How to Tell a Great Fixer Upper in Alaska from a Money Pit

You likely already have a picture in your head of what you'd like your dream home in Alaska to look like. Maybe it's a new construction home in a family-friendly neighborhood or maybe it's a fixer upper that you can make your own. If the latter is more your style, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for a certain set of features that will help you tell the difference between a property with potential and a money pit.

Below are four things to look for in Alaska fixer upper homes to avoid a homeowner headache down the road:

Sound Structural Elements
When you move into a new home in Alaska, it can be quite costly to need to replace major structural parts like the roof, foundation, or electrical components. Make sure you check these key features when touring potential properties— paying attention to places like the basement and HVAC more so than the kitchen fixtures.

We've all seen home improvement TV shows make it look like a cinch to knock down a wall and open up a layout, however that is not always the case. It's much more expensive and labor-intensive to take on this project, so keep a close eye on the layout of a potential home. If you need to rework room locations, it may be best to keep looking.

Fixer upper homes in Eagle River, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, and North Pole tend to be older in age and thus, can come with a few uninvited tenants. Sellers are technically required to disclose pest infestations, but the home inspector could uncover more pest problems during the inspection.

Code Compliance
If the Alaskan home in question has been vacant for a while or is simply older than the rest, the electrical and plumbing systems may not be up to current code. Consider how much it may cost you to bring everything back up to par. The costs can mount quickly and if your budget is already tight, you might like to consider other properties.

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