How to Negotiate Repairs After Your Alaskan Home Inspection

The home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process in Alaska. It's what informs you of existing problems with the property, including everything from outdated plumbing to a faulty roof, and helps provide peace of mind for making such a big purchase. But for Anchorage area buyers, what comes after the inspection is just as important— negotiating home repairs!

Many buyers do not understand that negotiating can be done long before you even reach the closing table to sign on the dotted line and in fact, it's one of the ways you can land the best possible deal in the end. 

Below are three ways you can negotiate home repairs after the home inspection in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla or the surrounding areas:

1. Ask for a credit
Once they have an accepted offer, most home sellers are ready to hand over the keys and move on. What they do not always want to do is complete repairs for the new owners. To remedy this, Alaskan buyers can ask for a credit to complete any necessary work themselves. Just think of how much more attention you will give the repairs as the new owner versus someone who is moving out!

2. Think big picture
When negotiating repairs, it's essential to think of your future plans with the property. Do you ultimately plan to renovate the kitchen or bathroom? If so, you may not be concerned with the old, chipped tile. However, you can still ask for a credit as it will help to offset your closing costs.

3. Don't get carried away
Not all home inspections come back with a long list of problems to be fixed, so keep in mind that there may not be anything to negotiate. One of the biggest mistakes Alaskan buyers can make is to ask for credits anyway, hoping to make back what they didn't in the initial price negotiations, and prompting the seller to move on to the next buyer. Listening to your real estate agent is key to identifying where you can negotiate, all while staying within the boundaries so you don't lose your dream home!

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