5 Steps to Make Your Fairbanks AK Home Feel and Look Larger

Especially during the winter months in Alaska, homeowners can wrestle with how to make their living spaces feel both brighter and larger. After all, homebuyers today are looking for that open, airy layout! There are dozens of easy ways to go about it, and even if you are working with a smaller footprint in your Fairbanks AK area home, you can count on Madden Real Estate for expert tips!

Below are five ways you can make your Fairbanks, Eagle River, Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, or North Pole home feel and look larger:

Don't empty the room
If you're already prepping to sell the home—maybe you've even moved on to another property—don't feel tempted to leave the rooms empty. You may think this makes the spaces feel larger, but it can actually confuse buyers as they have no point of reference for their own furniture or if there is enough room for entertaining.

Highlight focal points
As you are arranging furniture, mind the focal points of the rooms. Do you have a great picture window? How about a fireplace? Consider these in your seating arrangements and furniture placement to draw attention to them without letting the space feel cluttered. For example, you wouldn't want to place a chair in front of that window and block the view!

Do a furniture edit
It may seem obvious that clutter will cause your Alaska home to feel smaller, but just to be certain you're not going down that road, do a furniture "edit." Opt for a smaller loveseat and chairs instead of a large sectional, remove knick knacks and excess decor items like baskets that could be taking up vital floor space.

Stay netural
Deep, bold colors may be trendy, but not when it comes to selling your Alaska home and creating an illusion of a larger space. Stick to a neutral palette as it will appeal to more buyers and trick the eye into thinking the space is airier and more open than it actually is.

Let in the light
We may not currently have much to work with in the middle of an Alaskan winter, but you will want to let in as much light as possible! Before buyers arrive, turn on all of the lights, replacing any dim bulbs, and open all of the curtains. If you have exterior lights, be sure to turn those on as well.

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