How to Get Top Dollar for Your Alaska Home

Selling your Alaskan home is a major task— one that requires much research and preparation. However, many homeowners in Alaska fail to check the important steps off of their list when listing their home and as a result, their home may "sit" on the market for longer than they'd like or they may end up getting less than they'd like for the property.

How do you avoid this slippery home seller slope? As your real estate experts, Madden Real Estate has included below five ways to get top dollar for your home:

Don't ignore your real estate agent
Remember that your agent has vast experience in selling Alaskan homes and the particular area in which your property sits. Listen to your agent's advice regarding pricing, marketing and negotiating with buyers. You are always welcome to ask questions as this is your sale, but just keep in mind that they have been through this before!

Make necessary repairs
Prior to listing your home, it is wise to make any repairs you know are needed. Has the sink been leaking for some time? Even small repairs like this can stick out to buyers and they will begin to wonder what larger things you have neglected in your Alaska home.

Keep the house clean
Buyers could request to view your home at any time and even though you will have ample notice, it never hurts to keep the house neat and tidy. You want buyers to focus on the home itself, not your dirty dishes or the stained carpet. Clutter can be a quick turn-off for potential buyers!

Pet damage
Of course you love your pets, but know that not all Alaska homebuyers are pet people. They may even be allergic! Pet odors and signs of pet damage can, in fact, deter them from your property, even if everything else is in perfect condition! Consider taking your pet for a walk while buyers are viewing the property or let them stay with a friend for a few hours if you are unable to have them with you during a showing.

Don't be unrealistic with repair requests
A buyer's inspector will likely find a few things that need fixing in your Alaska home, so be prepared to remedy these prior to closing. Another option as a seller is offering a credit at closing for the buyers to have the work completed themselves.

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