How to Declutter Your Fairbanks AK Home Before You Sell

Before you list your Fairbanks AK home, there is a list of tasks to check off to ensure the property is ready for the market and will appeal to today's buyers. You'll need to give the landscaping a spruce to boost curb appeal, fix that leaky faucet, and even consider updating your kitchen or bathroom.

But there is one more step that will make the most impact on Alaska buyers— decluttering. Below are five key decluttering tips to help your home feel more open and inviting, without throwing everything away!

Organize by category
Your Alaska home may not be truly cluttered, you may just have things in the wrong places. Start by grouping your belongings into categories, finding each one a home. For instance, all mail should be in one spot— perhaps in a mail sorter on the kitchen counter or in a desk drawer. All toiletries and personal products should be in your bathroom closet or under the sink, not on the countertop. 

Pare down cords
Do you have cords for lamps, TVs, phones, tablets, you name it, strewn about your living room? This can easily make a space look and feel untidy! Try to group cords and hide them behind or under furniture. Can you run the lamp cord underneath your sofa? You might even want to consider creating a charging station for phones and tablets in the kitchen.

Use furniture for storage
If you're having a hard time finding places to put items like shoes, books, and even small appliances, look to your furniture. What furniture do you already have that could double as storage, for example, an ottoman with a lid? You can find organizers that fit under beds and behind doors to store your belongings and free up valuable space. 

Relocate items
Does it make sense that your umbrella is in your bedroom closet? Probably not. To reduce the feeling of clutter in your Alaska home, simply relocate items to where you use them. Move your coats, hats, shoes, and umbrellas to a front closet or mudroom. Put all of your kids' toys in the playroom. This step can quickly make a living space feel larger!

Use vertical space
When you think you've run out of room in closets, use the vertical space you have to further your organization. Add more shelves up above to keep boxes off of the floor. 

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