How to Avoid Turning Away Alaskan Homebuyers

As I mentioned in our recent blog post, selling your home during the holidays in Alaska can be just as successful as selling during the spring and summer! But that doesn't mean you can simply add a For Sale sign to your yard and watch the offers roll in! Your Alaskan home must be well prepared for the market and up to par with what buyers want.

As your local real estate experts, Madden Real Estate can help you avoid turning away buyers unintentionally and that begins with removing a few of the following common items from your home:

Damage from pets
Remember that not all buyers will love pets like you do! If you have pet damage in your Alaskan home, like scratched floors or stained carpet, consider having them re-finished or install new carpet prior to listing.

Even if you just have the occasional bug spotted in your Alaskan home, it's time to remove them. Take care to remove any sign of bugs as buyers will quickly get the wrong impression that the home isn't as clean as it should be.

Odors are one of the fastest ways to send buyers running for the door, no matter if they are food or pet-related. Be aware of what you are cooking before a showing and steer clear of burning strong scented candles. Not all buyers love the same aromas you do and having a profound scent in your home can turn them off with little effort.

Personal photos
Did you know de-personalizing your Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, or North Pole home can help it sell? It's true! Buyers ultimately want to envision themselves living in the property which can be difficult to do when your photos and personal items are displayed. Try to store personal photos before buyers arrive for a tour.

Do you love to display holiday collectibles? All is well while your home is off the market, but as soon as you're ready to move, it's best to store them away. Many collections on display can read as clutter to buyers and ultimately turn them away.

Let Madden Real Estate show you how to present your home in the best possible light and hook a buyer from the beginning! Contact us today for next steps on listing your Alaskan home or to answer questions about your current home value

We even have a Guaranteed Sale Program— If we don't sell your home, we'll buy it!

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