Home Staging vs. Hiding in Fairbanks AK Real Estate

When shopping for homes in Alaska, it is easy to get distracted by home features like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen updates, backyard, and of course, the location. And while it is important to take note of these items on your buyer wish list, you will want to keep your eyes open for flaws or major problems that could be covered up by home staging.

Below are four signs a Fairbanks AK home seller could be trying to hide something with home staging:

Painted Floors
Even though you have pets of your own, that doensn't mean you want to pay for another homeowner's pet damage. If you happen to pull up carpeting in an Alaskan home and notice paint on the floor, the homeowner could be trying to cover up pet damage or water marks.

Listing Descriptions
Before you even arrive at a home in Alaska, you can get an idea of what might be waiting for you. Look for listing descriptions like "cozy," "fixer upper," "quaint," and "low maintenance." Oftentimes, these phrases can be euphemisms for small properties that need a great deal of work.

Rugs and Runners
When you arrive to tour a home, don't assume the rugs and runners are exclusively for decor. Homeowners can use rugs to cover up warped, unstable, or damaged floors and buyers are typically none the wiser. Walk over the rugs several times, noticing how the floor feels— if it slopes, cracks, or buckles. If so, you will want to take a closer look especially during inspection.

Furniture Placement
If the furniture arrangement feels strange, the homeowner could be trying to hide something underneath or around it. Is there a large couch in the middle of the room? Are picture frames hung in odd places? It's worth investigating further, underneath the couch to check for damage or behind frames where there may be signs of water or cracking.

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