Easy Ways to Add Storage to Your Alaskan Home

Maybe you own an Alaskan home that's on the smaller side or you are getting a jump on your spring cleaning and organizing everything in sight, maybe you simply desire more storage options to hide your belongings— regardless of the reason, every homeowner could use a little more storage to keep things feeling neat and tidy.

With spring just around the corner and a little more time at home in our future, we've rounded up the following easy tips to add storage to your home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, North Pole, and the surrounding areas. These are the perfect way to spring forward into the new season ahead and feel like you have a fresh start!

Storage Bed
The bedroom is the place where most homeowners desire storage. A place to hide closet overflow, books, linens, and more. Purchase or craft a storage chest to place at the foot of your bed. It’s an attractive piece of furniture and a great alternative to plastic bins that allows you to store extra sheets, blankets, and other trinkets you’d prefer to keep hidden.

Mudroom Bench
A catch-all bench with shelves, hooks, and drawers is exactly what you need in the entrance of your Alaska home. As the first piece of furniture you spy upon entering, it will serve as the place to drop your keys, coats, bags, and shoes and keep them organized at the same time.

Multipurpose Ottoman
No longer just a piece to rest your feet upon, a storage ottoman can serve as extra seating, a coffee table, and a chest to store your odds and ends. A version with under-lid storage is the type to look for or if you’re in the DIY mood, make the piece yourself and customize the fabric to match your home decor.

TV Cabinet
Have you ever wished your television would disappear only to come out when you need it? Enter the TV cabinet. Large televisions can sometimes be an eye sore in an otherwise neat and stylish home. By mounting a TV cabinet on the wall and storing the equipment inside, you can hide all of the wiring and get back to enjoying your leisure time.

Desk with Cubbies
In a desk with built-in storage components like cubbies and drawers, you no longer have to keep your mail and other miscellaneous papers on the kitchen counter. Staying organized with a simple piece of office furniture will keep questions of lost items and catalogs at bay.

As your local real estate experts in Alaska, we are happy to provide helpful tips for making your house feel more like home, especially as we transition into the spring season.

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