Compromises to Make When Buying a Home in Fairbanks AK

Searching for your dream home in Fairbanks AK or the surrounding areas is an exciting journey and one you may have been thinking about for quite some time. You'll tour dozens of homes before you find the best fit, carefully considering the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and of course, location. However, you may also discover that a property doesn't check all of the boxes on your priority list. So, when should you compromise?

As your local real estate experts in Fairbanks, Anchorage, North Pole, Wasilla, Eagle River, Palmer and Chugiak, we have included below a few compromises that are worth making when house hunting in Alaska:

The size of the yard
Homebuyers in Alaska value the outdoors and as a result, the size of a home's yard becomes a top priority. It is possible that you find the price of the home increases with a larger yard or that you need to compromise on location or square footage to enjoy a larger outdoor space. Determine how much of a yard you actually need when you start to search for homes in Alaska. For instance, do you need space for pets? Gardening? Or just a yard big enough for your children's toys? This will make a difference when narrowing down available homes.

The garage
Today's homebuyers are often moving due to a lack of space and the garage plays an important part in their decision. Consider what you need in a garage. Do you need a two-car garage? One to house a boat or outdoor equipment? It may be worth compromising on a single-car garage if the rest of the home meets your needs.

Square footage
Are you willing to forgo a playroom to stay in the location you want? Is it in the budget to have a guest room? If you can do without these home features, a compromise may be wise, especially in order to stay in a specific location and keep your mortgage payment affordable. However, if your family will be growing in the future, moving into a tight space may not be the best fit.

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