Alaskan Real Estate: 3 Improvement Projects for Home Sellers to Avoid

As a homeowner in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River or Palmer, you design your home to fit your needs and tastes. However, as a home seller, you need to see your home through a different perspective. This fall, many Alaskan homeowners will make updates and check home improvement projects off of their lists before winter arrives— just don't get too carried away.

There are a few updates that are not appreciated by all homebuyers. Keep these in mind in order to avoid turning homebuyers away from your property in Fairbanks or Anchorage. When your home closing arrives, you'll be happy you removed that wobbly ceiling fan and decided against the wallpaper.

Old finishes
Homebuyers in Alaska are consistently searching for properties that do not require too much work. One easy way to appeal to the majority of them is to do away with your outdated finishes and replace them with fresh, neutral finishes. If you plan to update a certain room, replace everything, including the light fixtures. Buyers will notice if you freshen the paint, but leave the old ceiling fan. Also be careful with carpeting and wallpaper which tend to be personal to the homeowner.

Altered room sizes
While I did mention in a previous blog post that homebuyers are looking for "special function" rooms, what they are not looking for are awkward spaces. As an Alaskan homeowner, updating spaces like bathrooms or kitchens may be on your agenda— just avoid doing so at the expense of other spaces. Moving or knocking down walls? If it means turning a bedroom into a closet, homebuyers could turn away.

Poor Additions
One reason buyers are moving this year is to gain more space in their Alaskan home. But there is a way to cater to this need the wrong way, with poor add-ons. If you're planning to add on to your home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, North Pole or Palmer, be sure to match your finishes and flooring and make the addition look as seamless as possible.

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