Alaskan Home Seller Tips for Rethinking Rooms

As you prepare to sell your home in the Fairbanks or Anchorage area, take a walk around your home. Are you using every room to its full potential? For instance, is that cramped, small spare bedroom being used as a bedroom or now as an office? Have you transformed that lone extra room into a closet or media room? Home sellers may be able to peak Alaskan homebuyer interest by rethinking rooms and using them as spaces that add appeal to a home, like a larger closet or even extra bathroom.

Too-Small Bedroom
Many Alaskan homeowners may find there is one room in their home that is simply too small to be used as the bedroom it was intended to be. What's the solution? Consider changing the space over to a closet or an extra bathroom. Especially if the bathroom is located to another, it will be easy to make over the space and carry over the plumbing. As a homeowner, transforming the too-small bedroom into a closet not only gives you more space, but you may find yourself complaining less about the seemingly useless room. In addition, adding a bathroom may be just the selling point that grabs Alaskan homebuyer attention and helps along your home sale.

Wide Hallway or Under Stairs Space
Everyone can use extra storage in their Alaskan homes— so use every inch of your home! Even if you think every bedroom and spare space has been accounted for, don't be afraid to look to hallways and under the stairs for added storage perks. You can easily maximize every square foot of your home by installing bookshelves, maybe where you didn't think to put them before. "Common culprits are wide hallways and spaces under the stairs, both of which make excellent spaces for custom built-in storage cabinets or desks."

Formal Dining Room
Many homeowners in Fairbanks and Anchorage may have a formal dining room that is underused and only sees activity on major holidays. Don't feel you are stuck with a space that could be used for something much more; it's time to rethink the room's purpose. Put yourself under the microscope, are you finding you don't have a proper space to work at home? Do your kids need a study area for homework and projects? The dining room may be the best spot to install an office. Simply bring in desks, lighting, seating, and office supplies and you can bring all of your work and activities into one area so to stop them from spilling over to the rest of your homes in Alaska.

Looking for more ways to appeal to the Alaskan homebuyer? If rethinking the purpose of the rooms in your home is not an option, contact Madden Real Estate today! I'm happy to discuss more ways we can attract homebuyers to your property and help you move to a new Alaskan home this summer.

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