Your Alaska Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

After months of the snow and cold, it's finally time to welcome the warm weather, green grass, and sunshine back to Alaska! But even though we'll all be headed outdoors this summer, there are still a few projects to check off of your homeowner to-do list to ensure your property is ready to handle the season.

Powerwash your home's exterior
From the driveway to the siding, the winter dirt and grime can take a toll on your Alaskan home's exterior. Consider renting a powerwasher—or purchasing one if you'll get more use out of it—to get your home looking clean and fresh for the new season.

Seal your deck
If you haven't properly sealed your deck, months of moisture have likely been seaping into the wood which can pave the way to rot and a less-than-ideal appearance. Test a patch by pouring a small amount of water onto the deck— if the water beads up, the deck has been sealed properly. If not, you'll want to take the time to apply a sealant.

Add mulch
The key to excellent curb appeal and eye-catching landscaping is a healthy amount of water for your flowers and plants— and allowing that water to reach the plants. Consider adding mulch to your flower beds to help the plants retain the moisture without the sun interfering first!

Inspect your A/C
If your home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, or North Pole has an A/C unit outdoors and was not covered this winter, it's time to remove any debris that may have collected on it over the last few months. You will also need to change the air filters before you begin to run it on full blast this season.

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