5 Tips for Shopping North Pole and Fairbanks Farmers' Markets

Though the warmest days of summer are behind us, we still have time to enjoy mild temperatures before the Alaskan winter weather sets in. From swimming, to fishing, to hiking, to boating, spending your summer in Fairbanks is unlike experiencing the season anywhere else in the world. As you know, if you’ve read our blog in the past, we like providing people with an overview of everything that living in Alaska entails.

As Fairbanks real estate agents, our knowledge isn’t limited to market updates and tips for buyers and sellers. For those interested in buying a home in Fairbanks, we like to make sure we paint an accurate (and beautiful) picture of the Alaskan lifestyle. Earlier this summer, we wrote a blog post featuring the different North Pole and Fairbanks farmers’ markets. Not only do visiting weekly farmers’ markets allow you to get outdoors and interact with the Fairbanks community on a regular basis, your actions have a positive impact on the local economy and environment. To get the most out of your North Pole and Fairbanks farmers’ markets, reference the helpful tips below.

1. Bring your own bag
A reusable canvas tote is the most eco-friendly way to transport your farmers’ market loot back home. An added bonus: by bringing your own bag, you won’t be cutting into the farmers’ already slim profit margins.

2. Create a meal plan
If you arrive at the farmers’ market with a menu for the week, your entire trip will be more efficient. Knowing what you need and sticking to a list will also help you resist those last-minute impulse buys.

3. Arrive early or late
As a general rule of thumb, those who arrive at the farmers’ market early have the best selection to choose from. However, if you show up at the end of the day you can usually get produce at bargain prices.

4. Start a conversation
The more information you can get about where your dinner comes from, the better. Plus, farmers’ enthusiasm about their products is contagious. You’re sure to walk away with great information and interesting stories.

5. Shop around
It may be tempting to start making purchases as soon as you walk into the farmers’ market. Resist! Take a lap and see what each vendor has to offer before you spend any cash.

Now that you’re armed with some expert tips for navigating your North Pole and Fairbanks farmers’ markets, pay them a visit! The Tanana Valley Farmers’ Market is open through late September, giving you plenty of time to stock your Fairbanks home with fresh, local goods. Though the temperatures will start cooling down soon enough, the Alaskan real estate market is still in full swing! Please let us know if you’d like any assistance buying a home in Fairbanks or listing your property to sell. We look forward to starting the conversation!

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