5 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, Eagle River Alaska

As we get closer to March, Alaska homeowners tend to start thinking seriously about moving to a new home. The new year can often trigger a desire for a change of scenery and thus, the coming months will be busy for both homebuyers and sellers. Right now, both sides of the real estate fence are preparing to take the market by storm and it all starts with getting organized.

You may have started your "spring cleaning" early, conducted an "edit" of your furniture and belongings, begun to think about how to stage your home for buyers— but have you thought about what not to doMadden Real Estate, as your local Alaskan real estate experts, can provide you with the steps necessary for home seller success, as well as fill you in on what to avoid as you prepare to list your home.

Below are four ways home sellers can go wrong and often do. Keep these in mind as you make the transition from homeowner to home seller in Fairbanks, Eagle River, Palmer, Anchorage, Wasilla or North Pole:

They Offer a Lived-In Look
If you've already started to edit your furniture and spring clean your clutter away, you're ahead of the game. If not, it's time to start! Homebuyers in Alaska do not want to see your clutter, small appliances left out in the kitchen, mail kept in a pile on the counter. Take the time to organize; create open, flowing spaces; put away family photos and knick knacks. 

Give the rooms a fresh coat of paint and start clearing out any unnecessary items that may be lying around.

They Let Pets and Odors Linger
You love your pet, but those looking to purchase your home in Fairbanks or Anchorage may not. In fact, pets in the home during tours or long-standing pet odors can be a turn-off for many buyers. On this same list is smoking— homebuyers may find the idea of ridding a property of smoke too much to handle. Take care to clean the flooring where odors can linger—vinegar can do the trick with most flooring and walls—or consider having your carpets professionally cleaned.

They Don't Believe in Curb Appeal
One of the most common mistakes a home seller can make is believing buyers are only interested in the interior of the home. Wrong! Curb appeal is important to buyers, particularly those who begin their home search online. Your yard should be well-manicured and maintained, the landscaping should not be overgrown, the front door should be freshly-painted and welcoming. Buyers need to feel the property is inviting outside before they will step foot inside.

They Intimidate the Buyer
When showing your home, take off your homeowner hat and put on your home seller hat. This can also mean removing yourself from the property when buyers are present— you need to be careful not to crowd them and allow them to tour the property without feeling uncomfortable. You can always provide details later, do not feel obligated to explain every nook and cranny of the home while buyers are inside. 

The busy season is just ahead for the local real estate market and Madden Real Estate is here to walk you through it. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions, whether you're a home seller or even a home buyer— we'd be glad to hear from you!


When you are a new homeowner, your to-do list starts to grow longer and longer. There are many projects you're excited to take on, purchases to make for your new Alaskan home and upgrades to plan. But wait! Take some time to settle into your new property first— it is wise to adjust to the financial change of homeownership before breaking your budget on home-related purchases.

Follow the chart below for ideas on what to remember as a new homeowner in Alaska, when to DIY home projects and when to hire out a professional, as well as how to get organized and be a good neighbor!

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