5 Things Fairbanks AK Home Sellers Often Forget to Do

When selling your Alaskan home, it may seem like your to-do list grows by the minute. Cleaning out the garage, repairing that leaky faucet, choosing a real estate agent, staging, you name it! With all of these tasks at hand, it is easy for some to fall through the cracks— even the most important, like doing your due diligence on an agent.

If you're planning to sell your home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, North Pole, or Wasilla, it is essential that you jot down the following tasks that are so often forgotten by Alaska home sellers!

Researching your agent
As I mentioned above, selling your home is a major decision and should not be handed over to just any real estate agent. You will want to research properly and choose one that you both feel comfortable with and has the necessary expertise to get the job done. Our knowledgable team at Madden Real Estate is here to help. In fact, for the past six years, Madden Real Estate has been ranked as one of the top 50 teams in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Make a list of improvements and issues
You don't need to fix every single issue when selling your Alaskan home, but you do need to disclose them to the potential buyer ahead of time to avoid any problems down the road. On the other hand, if you have made improvements to your property, you will want to keep a record of them, along with receipts and invoices from laborers, to show the buyer as well. This will give them peace of mind when considering whether or not to make an offer on the home.

Focus on details
Even the small details matter when it comes to impressing today's homebuyers. For instance, does your door bell work? If not, buyers may wonder what other problems—large or small—you've neglected to resolve. Remember, first impressions make a big difference when selling your home.

Clean inside everything
Just because your kitchen cabinet doors are closed does not mean buyers won't look inside. It is essential that you clean inside everything in order to make the best possible impression on a buyer. You don't want to risk buyers forming a negative opinion of your property due to a dusty closet.

Decide what is included
When the offers do begin to roll in for your Fairbanks AK home, you will want to have an idea of what you are willing to sell with it. Are the light fixtures included? How about the appliances or that lawn mower? Decide ahead of time what you can part with and what you are willing to negotiate on. This will speed up the process should a buyer ask for an item in their offer.

The real estate market is just beginning to heat up in Alaska, so do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions you have about listing your home! We even have a Guaranteed Sales Program that states if we don't sell your home, we'll buy it!

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