4 Ways to Successfully Sell Your Alaskan Home This Winter

While many Alaskan homeowners tend to believe that spring and summer are the best months to sell, winter presents a wealth of opportunities that the other seasons just do not. For instance, did you know that homes tend to show better in the winter months? The cozy feelings of the cold weather season can play to your favor when appealing to buyers in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River, North Pole and the surrounding communities.

However, that doesn't mean your home is automatically ready to list and successfully sell this winter. There are a few extra steps you may need to take to ensure you're in tip-top shape for today's buyers. Below are four ways to set yourself on the right path as an Alaskan home seller for the next few months:

Keep the house warm
Living in Alaska, we are no strangers to cold weather, but when your home is on the market and the temperatures take a dip, it's important to make sure every space feels warm and inviting. Just think— if you walked into a cold home, would your impression be a positive one? Most likely not. Keep the heat on to appeal to buyer senses.

Keep the house accessible
Winter tends to bring a wave of snow to the area and if you're keeping your home buyer-ready, you will need to make sure the house is accessible. That means clearing a path to the entryway, doing your best to keep the driveway and sidewalks ice-free and if you have a back entrance, clearing that pathway as well.

Show off your winter features
Does your Alaskan home have a fireplace? What better time to show it off than during the winter months! Speak with your agent to decide if lighting a fire before buyers arrive to your home is a good idea— it can really up the ambiance! Also, take care to clear any large furniture or clutter from these focal points to allow the buyer to fully recognize their beauty.

Don't hide outdoor features
If you have a deck, pool, porch or patio, buyers will want to see these too— even in the winter! Don't hide these assets of your Fairbanks area home. Even if they are covered in snow, you can still highlight them in the marketing of your property. 

There is no need to wait until spring arrives to list your home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River, North Pole and beyondMadden Real Estate is here to help you find your home value, talk through your next steps before listing and make sure you find the perfect buyer and offer for your property.

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