4 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

If you’re thinking about selling your home in Fairbanks for the very first time, you may be surprised at how complex and emotionally challenging the process can be. Once you’ve spent a considerable amount of time living in the same place, it can be difficult to bring yourself to close a significant chapter in your life. From hosting open houses, to deciding how to price your home, to selecting the right Fairbanks real estate agent, it can be easy to make mistakes along the way if you haven’t been through the home selling process before. To help make your journey through the Alaskan real estate market as stress-free and successful as possible, read through the tips below.

  1. Don’t get emotionally involved
    Not getting emotionally involved is perhaps one of the toughest parts about selling your home. As soon as you make the decision to list your home in the Alaskan real estate market, start viewing the process as nothing more than a financial transaction. Detaching yourself slowly will make the home selling process less stressful and easier for you to make sound decisions
  2. Don’t go through the process alone
    The benefits of hiring a Fairbanks real estate agent far surpass the fee you will save if you choose to sell your home on your own. Your real estate agent is knowledgeable about the local market, and will help you set a fair and competitive price for you home. Not to mention, he or she will be able to negotiate on your behalf, helping you get more money than you would on your own.
  3. Don’t skimp on necessary home repairs
    There’s no use hiding any problems your home has when you list it for sale. The buyer’s home inspection will reveal any major or minor repairs that need to be made, so it’s best to complete them yourself prior to selling. If you choose not to make the repairs, your agent may advise you to list your property below market value to account for the problems.
  4. Don’t set an unrealistic price
    Pricing your home correctly from the beginning is a very important part of receiving an offer you’ll be happy with. A comparative market analysis for your home will allow you to see how your property stacks up against others in the Alaskan real estate market. Your Fairbanks real estate agent will work with you to set a realistic price that will attract the right group of home buyers.

By following the guidelines above, you’ll be in the right mindset to sell your home in Fairbanks for the highest possible price under the least amount of stress. By enlisting the expertise of a Fairbanks real estate agent, you’re guaranteed to have a professional by your side to answer your questions and to expose your property to a wide pool of qualified buyers. At Madden Real Estate, each professional on our team of Listing Partners is highly qualified to market and price your home for a successful sale in the Alaskan real estate market. Once you’re ready to sell, please get in touch!

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