4 Tips for a Successful Open House

When selling your home in Fairbanks, one of the most important steps in the process includes hosting an open house. Sure, homebuyers have seen photos and video of your property on the Internet. However, nothing compares to an in-person look at your home inside and out. Because an open house is such an essential part of a successful sale, a considerable amount of preparation should go into making sure your home is in peak condition. Whether you’re selling your first home or have been through the process before, review the guidelines below to ensure you have the best open house possible.

1. Enhance your curb appeal
If you keep up with our blog on a regular basis, you may have read an entire post dedicated to enhancing the curb appeal of your Fairbanks home. Making sure the exterior of your home is pristine will give potential homebuyers a great first impression and entice them to take a look inside.

2. Remove the clutter
Believe it or not, we also have a whole blog post about decluttering your Fairbanks home before selling. It’s of utmost importance to sort, pack, and remove excess items from your home before a showing or open house. A clean slate will allow potential homebuyers to get an accurate picture of themselves living in the space.

3. Depersonalize the space
Not all potential homebuyers will share your taste in interior décor. Before scheduling that first showing or open house, paint the walls in each room a neutral color to appeal to a wider audience. Temporarily stow away any personal items that weren’t packed away in step number two.

4. Don’t stick around
It’s natural to be curious about what potential homebuyers will think of your home. However, the best thing you can do during an open house is to remove yourself from the situation. Go for a walk, run some errands, or spend some time in nature to eliminate stress. Be sure to take your pets with you, if possible.

Now that you’ve spruced up your home’s exterior, cleaned out the clutter and depersonalized the space, it’s time to leave your open house in the trusted hands of your Fairbanks real estate agent. Each agent on our team of Listing Partners is specialized and highly experienced in working with sellers just like you. Once you’re ready to pound a “For Sale” sign in your front yard, please give us a call!

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