4 Safety Tips to Follow When Selling Your Alaskan Home

If you're feeling the urge to move on to a new home in the Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, North Pole, Wasilla or Palmer area, you've likely been spending time getting your home ready for the market. You may have repairs to make, pricing to research and staging to plan, but there is one more important factor to consider as an Alaskan home seller— safety!

Before you allow buyers through your door this spring, there are a few key tips to follow to help keep both your home and your belongings safe. 

Hide your valuables
No matter if you keep your jewelry in your closet or out on your dresser, it's time to put it away! You cannot be sure that buyers won't peek inside closets, so take care to hide your valuables. This means spare keys, credit cards, pricey decor pieces, and other valuable items as well.

Lock your doors
As you head out for your Alaskan home to be shown, lock the doors behind you! Remember that the real estate agent showing the property will have access via the lockbox, so there is no need to leave the place unlocked. This safety tip will help you keep unwanted visitors out of your home while you're away!

Put away personal information
This key rule encompasses mail, bills, credit cards, bank statements, you name it. If it has your personal information on it, it shouldn't be left out for buyers to see! What's more, you'll want to secure any electronics like laptops, tablets and other expensive items as an extra safety precaution.

Keep pets away
If you are able, your pets should be away from your home while it is being shown. Your pet may be friendly, but you never know what could happen when strangers come to view your property. It's safer for everyone (and far less stressful for your pets!) if pets are given a vacation day when it comes time to show your home.

Keep these safety tips in mind this spring as you prepare to sell your Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, North Pole, Wasilla or Palmer area home. And as always, do not hesitate to reach out to Madden Real Estate with any questions you have about seller prep, pricing or available homes in Alaska!

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