4 Reasons Your Fairbanks, Anchorage Alaska Home Is No Longer Right for You

Sometimes the decision to sell your home in Fairbanks or Anchorage has nothing to do with the mortgage rates or the real estate market at all. For many home sellers in Alaska, deciding to sell can simply be because the home isn't doing it for you anymore. Whether that means the home needs repair after repair, you've outgrown it, or the upkeep is just too much— the team at Madden Real Estate is your go-to for getting out of a home you loathe and into a home you love.

Not only do we have a custom marketing plan, but a Guaranteed Sales Program that ensures a successful home sale— or we'll buy the house from you! If you've been feeling the separation from your current Alaskan home, here are four solid reasons to help you make the final decision:

The home requires more work than you want
Your home's job is to support you, not the other way around. Alaskan homeowners shouldn't feel trapped or burdened by all of the upkeep associated with a property and if that's the case for you, it might be time to tell your home goodbye. Are you trying to keep your yard looking nice, but the leaf debris and oversized trees are making it impossible? There is a home out there for you in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer or North Pole that won't require you to take on another full-time job just to maintain it.

The home has a long repair list
Homeownership in Alaska is often more than just maintaining the property with fresh paint, landscaping and day to day tasks. Homeownership also means you're responsible for the repairs the property requires. Sticky windows, warped floors, faulty plumbing— these all fall on your shoulders as a homeowner and while you may tackle one project, the next is just around the corner. If the repairs in your home seem to pile on, just as you've fixed one, it's probably time to find a new home that needs less work.

The home doesn't feel like you
There is nothing wrong with a homeowner outgrowing a space. Maybe your style has changed or maybe your family has grown and the home no longer offers enough space— it is more than fine to sell your home because it just doesn't feel like you anymore. You should be happy to come home after a long day, but if you have opposite feelings, there will never be a stronger sign.

The home is holding you backDo you have your eye on another home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer or North Pole? Have you been desiring a move to another neighborhood or city? Don't let your current home hold you back! In today's Alaskan real estate market, conditions are ideal for both home sellers and homebuyers. Given the rising mortgage rates and increasing housing prices, you might be surprised by what type of deal Madden Real Estate can help you with!

With our Guaranteed Sales Program, you have nothing to lose! Madden Real Estate is confident that we can help you achieve your homeowner goals and if we don't sell your home, we'll buy it! Contact us today for more details on how you can get out of your current home and into the property of your dreams.

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