4 Mistakes to Avoid When House Hunting in Alaska

While you may have seen dozens of real estate reality TV shows that make it look as simple as touring three homes and then choosing the best one, there is so much more to house hunting in Alaska. In fact, there are a few rules of thumb to follow in order to avoid any buyer’s remorse or financial obstacles down the road.

As your local real estate experts in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, and North Pole, Madden Real Estate has put together four mistakes to avoid when house hunting this year to make your experience as smooth as possible:

Don’t Skip the Pre-Approval
Working with a lender on your mortgage pre-approval should be your first step in your Alaska home purchase process. In the event that you find a home you want to pursue, a seller will likely not entertain any offers without a pre-approval. This step shows the seller you are serious about buying and can give you an edge over other buyers who may not have a pre-approval completed.

Don’t House Hunt on Your Own
There are many perks to working with a real estate agent, so don’t make the costly mistake of going it alone this year! Remember that your agent has done this before and knows the in’s and out’s of crafting the perfect offer and corresponding with all necessary parties in a transaction. Navigating a home purchase alone can be a full-time job in itself— why not leave it to the pros?

Don’t Wait Too Long to Act
If you see a home in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, and North Pole that you love, don’t wait! You won’t want to let your dream home slip through your fingers because you waited too long to get in for a showing. Work with your agent to make sure you are timely in viewing the property and writing your offer if you’ve found “the one!”

Don’t Get Distracted by Home Features
When you tour a home in Alaska, it can be easy to get distracted by updates like new appliances, light fixtures, and even trendy items like sliding barn doors. But don’t get too carried away! It is important to envision how you and your family will live in the space— does it have enough bedrooms? Are there enough bathrooms? Does the layout suit your needs? Is there enough outdoor space? Home features like lighting and hardware are simply decorative, while major structural components like layout and square footage will affect your daily life and are what you will need to focus in on.

Ready to buy a home in Alaska but don’t know how to get started? Contact our team of local experts today! We will walk you through every step in the process!

We even have a Love It or Leave It Guarantee— If you buy a home through us, and you are not completely happy with with your new home, then we will list it for free while you search for a home that you love. 

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