10 Ways to Protect Your Fairbanks Alaska Home This Winter

The new year is nearly here and we're now in the thick of winter, with temperatures dipping low and snow piling up. While these conditions can make for beautiful scenery in Alaska, they can also wreak havoc on your Fairbanks AK area home if you aren't prepared. As your local real estate experts in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, North Pole and beyond, we have put together a list of top winter tasks to tackle in 2018 so you can enjoy the season without any surprises!

Consider the following your winter checklist for your Alaska home

Clean your chimney
If you use your fireplace often, you will want to make sure it's been properly cleaned and inspected. Creosote build up can give way to chimney fires, so use the rule of thumb to have a professional take a look after every 70 fires. If you use wet wood in the fireplace, have the chimney inspected after every 50 fires.

Cover your air conditioner
If your air conditioning unit is left unprotected outdoors, snow and wet debris can cause it to rust. Find a breathable cover to shield the outdoor unit from the harsh winter conditions in Alaska. 

Insulate pipes
With sub-zero temperatures, exposed piping can easily freeze and burst— a major homeowner headache! Use heat tape to insulate your pipes or foam rubber to protect against any freeze. You can pick up these items for much less than the cost of any damage from burst pipes!

Keep salt handy
Don't risk slips and falls at your Alaska home this winter, instead keep a bucket of ice melt or salt handy near the front door or garage to sprinkle in the event of snow and ice.

Prepare an emergency kit
It never hurts to be prepared in the case of a broken furnace or power outage! Put together a kit of shelf stable food, batteries, flashlights, first aid supplies, a hand crank radio, blankets, and bottled water and keep in a readily accessible place.

Keep warm air in
Use weatherstripping to block any drafts around windows or under doorways, keeping warm air in where it belongs! Not only will your home be warmer, but your energy bill will thank you!

Keep an eye on large trees
Heavy snowfall can weigh down large trees and their branches, making them more prone to breaking. Keep an eye on any large trees around your Fairbanks AK home during and after winter storms. Use a broom to brush off any snow on limbs, but don't be tempted to shake the tree as this can cause limbs to break!

Protect your floors
With winter weather comes excess moisture on shoes and boots, so take care to protect your floors! Bring in door mats to use outdoors and in, and use a waterproof mat to store boots and shoes by the door.

Check on your HVAC
If you notice any strange sounds coming from your heating unit or one of the rooms in your home feels colder than the rest, it could signal a problem with the HVAC. Make sure you change your furnace filter regularly and if you haven't, have a professional inspect the system to rule out any problems.

Change batteries in smoke detectors
Running the heat constantly in your Alaska home, as well as the fireplace, is a must in the winter, but be sure your smoke detectors are working properly! Change the batteries and check that there is a detector on every floor and in every bedroom.

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